Tokaj region

Since 2002, Tokaj is a World Heritage Site that is located at the junction of the Tisza and Bodrog rivers, and so this Eastern Hungarian city is rich in natural treasures and culinary experiences – it is well worth it to spend a couple of days in the area.

Upon entering the city, make sure to see the historic building of the old Tokaj synagogue and the more modern Ede Paulay Theatre next to it.

If you want to learn more about the history of Tokaj and Tokaj-Hegyalja from an archeological, ethnographical aspect or of its local history, discover the hidden curiosities of Tokaj Museum in the Karátsony House, where you can also visit the exciting exhibition of the World Heritage Wine Museum.

And from April to September, you can also enjoy theatrical performances of various genres in the unique venue of Fesztiválkatlan (“Festival Cauldron”), which was created by transforming an old opencast mine.

Tokaj, Tisza and Bodrog
A shipping route from the Tokaj base port.


The Tokaji Aszú, or “the wine of kings”, became known in the 18th century. You can taste this wine worthy of its fame at numerous wineries in Tokaj, where it is made by using century-old technologies.


Navigating along the Bodrog, we can come upon other interesting settlements of art historical importance. Tolcsva awaits us with an abundance of historical monuments beside its natural beauty. The castles and manors of renowned winegrowers of the Hegyalja region, the early Baroque Rákóczi Castle, the Dessewffy Castle surrounded by its large garden, the Classicist Szirmai-Waldbott Castle, as well as the Stépán and Szemere Manors are open to visitors all year long.


Travelling north on the Bodrog, we reach the town of Sárospatak, which is a popular tourist destination thanks to its historical charm. Besides being a prestigious educational hub today, it is also the home of the Sárospatak Castle and Gallery, as well as numerous interesting museums and buildings of the church. And after all the sightseeing, it is best to stretch our tired limbs in the thermal bath of the town, which welcomes its guests with its 38 °C medical thermal water.


Sátoraljaújhely is located near the Slovakian boarder. Its rich historical centre offers exciting leisure opportunities. We can rest our feet at its small cafés and bistros on the main square. If you are in the area, make sure to visit the Zemplén Adventure Park, where the whole family can test their abilities in extreme situations, and do so in an astonishing natural environment.