Others wrote about us…

"The engine of the holiday boat is humming softly, but for those used to the dirty chaos of the city centre, the silence is deafening. At last, the other, the vanishing human, becomes audible.


We sail against the stream, bound, speechless, sometimes lulled by the beauty of the landscape, sometimes stunned. Our top speed is ten kilometres per hour. It doesn't sound more when written than when spoken, but for us it's enough, and it's liberating not to have to hurry anywhere. The only thing that matters is that we get to the next designated port before dark and find one of the famous taverns near the Tisza shore still open, so we can place our order in time."


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"I'm Fanni, 11 years old, and this year I had the funniest holiday of my life. A few weeks ago, I was angry with my dad because he had decided that we shouldn't go to Balaton but take a holiday boat on River Tisza. I thought it would be boring on the boat, we would sleep in sleeping bags and must go to the shore to pee, like when we used to go on boat trips when I was little. Then it all turned into such an adventure that I'm writing my summer essay about it, and my mum told me to send it to the boat crew."


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There is no better way to discover the miracle


Going on a holiday cruise is fun! Everyone agrees, who already tried a floating apartment, for which licence is not necessary, and has a well-equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom, comfortable beds and sun deck. It's no coincidence that those who have tried it usually return to floating accommodation, which are comfortable for up to ten people.


Now let us address the most asked question by first-time holiday cruisers: what else is there to do besides enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings and exploring the incomparable waters of Lake Tisza?


The answer is: almost anything we want. In the fast-growing tourist region, everyone can find the right leisure and entertainment options, which suit their needs, whether it's a beach holiday, culinary delights or active sports. In addition to the rental of folding bicycles and canoes, MAHART also provides a well-cultivated marina where boaters can use shore power and recharge their water supplies.


In this article, we will look at these possible stops, describing in a few sentences the possibilities around each port.


MAHART’s base port on Lake Tisza is located in Kisköre, where a brand-new buffet awaits guests, who can look around from the highest lookout point of the area. It is also the departure point of holiday boats.


The first destination on the way can be the Basin of Abád, where boats can stop for a short swim at three anchor buoys or spend the night in the nature. If you want a well-equipped marina with restaurants and a beach, you can choose between the MAHART point in the Port of Abád or the Yacht Club in Szalók. Between the two you will find a real adventure beach with slides, restaurants and buffets.


Our next destination can be the Basin of Sarud, where adventurers can spend the night on two anchor buoys, or they can visit the Adventure Beach in Sarud, where they can spend several days in a well-equipped marina. The sandy beach has a water playground and fun elements, not to mention the famous Sulyom restaurant nearby.


On the way to Tiszafüred, the lake's capital city, you can stop at the anchor buoy at Aranyosi Island, and in the town itself at the Szabics port in Örvény, but there is also a small MAHART port for fish lovers next to Stég fish restaurant and event centre. In Füred, holiday cruisers will soon be able to spend the night in the unique harbour of the Kérész Centre, which uses digital equipment to show the lake's wildlife.


MAHART port awaits sailors in the neighbourhood of the Fehér Amúr tavern in Poroszló, but we should not forget Tiszabábolna, on the official northern border of Lake Tisza, a friendly little stop with a restaurant with excellent cuisine next door.


Of course, this is not the end of the possibilities, only Lake Tisza itself, but the route of the holiday boats continues, passing through Tiszacsege - where you sometimes have to wait in a queue to get into the tavern - and Tiszaújváros, Tiszalöki, Tokaj, Sárospatak, Sárazsadány, Szabolcs, Tímár, Tiszabercel, and finally River Bodrog leading to the Slovakian border, where the captains of the holiday boats will soon be able to cross.