Kisköre, Lake Tisza


The second largest lake of Hungary, Lake Tisza was created 45 years ago. It is unique, romantic section of the Tisza that is almost like the river was before it was regulated in its wildlife and hydropgraphy as well.

The magical Lake Tisza is part of the Hortobágy National Park. Its fairytale-like landscapes are full of exciting, hidden opportunities for those who would like to get to know this unique, artificially created environment that nonetheless has its own ecosystem.

Kisköre is the South home port of the holiday boats, we can only travel North from this point on the Tisza for the time being. For instance, we can admire the magnificent view of Lake Tisza for 27 kilometres before we reach the dam at Tiszalök. There are two bigger islands on this route, the triangle-shaped Aranyosi Island and the boat-shaped Buláti Island. But Lake Tisza has almost 1000 islands, which can all be accessed with boats, canoes or kayaks. And it is always a good choice to stop for a little while at a free beach or at one of the many restaurants and bistros welcoming their guests near the water.

Kisköre, Tisza-tó and Tiszalök
Navigation map, available destinations from the base port.

Kisköre, Tisza-tó nyaralóhajózási térkép

Lake Tisza

The second largest lake of Hungary, a romantic, 127 m2 lake with thousands of islands, fabulous backwaters, jungle-like forests and huge basins. Lake Tisza is a Hungarian gem yet to be discovered, the pristine natural treasures of which is worth to be explored in full.

Kisköre Dam

The largest hydroelectric power station of Hungary, providing 1% of the country’s electricity. The dam was not created to generate electric power, but for irrigation and flood control purposes. Next to it, there is a fish ladder that allows fish to safely pass through and move freely.


The home port of Kisköre-based holiday boats is found in Kisköre, in the renewed Köre port. The town, located 140 km from Budapest, has a lovely beach.


The town known for its sizeable beach, water slide and water sport opportunities is located at the bank of the Abádszalóki Basin. It is the deepest one of the four basins of Lake Tisza, and so it is suitable for holiday boat traffic.


The village found at the North bank of Lake Tisza can be reached with holiday boats through the Small Tisza. Sarud is a true family destination with a family-friendly beach, water park and other leisure options.


The Poroszló ecocentre introduces the flora and fauna of the lake in an excellent way. And the educational Lake Tisza plankpath running along the water offers picturesque views. Poroszló is easiest to access for holiday boating tourists from the Sarud port, by bicycle.


The largest settlement of Lake Tisza, popularly called the capital of Lake Tisza. Its bywater and backwater accessible from the bank, as well as the labyrinth of canals can be a fantastic experience for adults and children alike. The free beach of Tiszafüred can be reached through Tiszaörvény.


A picturesque village of Lake Tisza, located directly at the bank of the Tisza. It has two bigger ports and a historic pump house, and it is the starting point of the Horthy Canal. There are three units waiting for tourists in Tiszaörvény offering great gastronomic experiences: Hableány restaurant, Hellohal fish fryer and Stég bar, right on the bywater canal.


The famous “csárda” (tavern) of Tiszacsege is located next to the ferry station, directly at the bank of the Tisza – make sure to visit if you want to try the real Tisza fish experience. It is the only place in the country where you can taste the traditional “drunkard’s fish soup” of Tisza. But Tiszacsege is not only known for its delicious fish dishes – make sure to try its medical thermal bath if you are in the area, where you will feel as if you were reborn. As this part of the Tisza does not belong to Lake Tisza anymore, the legendary sandbanks of the old river slowly start to reappear here, recalling the sight of a sandy seaside beach.


The second largest hydroelectric power station of the country, Tiszalök dam is found over 100 markers above Kisköre. And that is where the holiday boating trip ends, as the floodgates are being renovated in 2020, and the boats cannot pass here until the works are completed.